Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Cost-Savings Idea on College Textbooks

By Bryan O'Keefe

Inside Higher Ed had a story a couple of days ago about a very innovative idea on saving money on college textbooks. Through a combination of asking professors to use the same textbook longer and allowing students to purchase paperless, electronic "e-textbooks," students at New Jersey's Camden County College will be able to save quite a lot on college textbooks.

While saving a couple hundred bucks on textbooks isn't that much compared with rising tuition costs, Camden still deserves credit for thinking outside the box on how to save their students some extra money. The most promising of these reforms however seems to be the "e-textbook" idea -- we read everything else online these days, so why not textbooks?


WorriedAboutCollegeDad said...

I read the same article and it reminds me of the many other college savings ideas like upromie, little grad, baby mint, etc. a few dollars here and there add up.

Anonymous said...

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