Thursday, February 28, 2008


For those of you who missed CCAP's director, Dr. Ricahrd Vedder, on The Diane Rehm Show this morning, you can listen to the entire segment by following the link below.

The Cost of Higher Education


maxheadroom said...

I just wanted to say that I thought the NPR program was quite a good discussion. However, I believe more time would have been appropriate to elaborate in a bit more depth and detail. I wonder, is there a model that can be used to estimate just how long the increasing costs of higher education are sustainable?

maxheadroom said...

On a negative note:

I am compelled to comment on another matter.

I just completed reading some of the preceding blog comments and must say that I am taken aback by one of the commenters.

I must say that I find the words of this commenter to be quite repugnant and ignorant, if not deranged in some manner. I find it difficult to believe that a person who claims to be an academician to be so very ignorant and intolerant. In one of the comments posted, this person refers to someone (?) giving the U.S. military a bad name. What in God's name does this commenter think they are doing for academicians? It appears that this person may have caused some to walk away from what could be a very great blog for people to come together and generate ideas that would shape our future - time will tell. Quite unfortunate. I believe that for the time being, I will also walk away and check back from time to time. Good hunting, Sir.

Swift Boater said...

I also listend to the show on NPR and thought it was great! I'm happy that this subject is gaining momentum.

In regard to the negative note on the part of maxheadroom, I don't believe you should "walk away" from this blog because one or two untoward people are on here. Their purpose is simply to antagonize. I don't know what the problem is and I really don't care (but I did create an account recently because I wanted to take a few shots, but later changed my mind).

I hope that everyone who has something constructive to say will keep coming back. This is a very important issue! We should be helping to create a better future by participating. Walking away is turning your back on the future! I hope you will rejoin this group soon maxhr. And if there is anone else out there that has "walked away", don't do it! I don't know Dr. Vedder, but don't you think he is smart enough to ignore the BS?

And why aren't more students at Ohio University or any other school getting involved?

I think Dr. Vedder is trying to do a good thing. No, actually I think he IS doing a good thing. Not all people are going to agree with his ideas, but isn't that the purpose? If somebody has a different idea, rather than berating Dr. Vedder and other commenters, post it for crying out loud.

There are certainly a lot of people in this world of ours that are just plain miserable and want to pull others down to their level to make themselves feel better. But accept that as a given, and let us not be dragged down, but let us be lifted up. Let's make this world a better place than we found it. That's what my father, who was part of the "greatest generation" did, and it's our turn to carry the torch.

(BTW, I just want to get one thing straight, my posting name is not to signal that I will "swift boat" you. I served on one in SE Asia.)

maxheadroom said...

Swifty, If I might address you this way, you are rather like a cheerleader! You are right, Dr. Vedder and his CCAP orginization should not be penalized for the untoward comments posted on this site. Though I will continue to read this blog, I am uncertain as to how often I will comment.

Sky news is reporting a ricin (sp?) contamination in Las Vegas. I hope it is not bad for you chaps.

Mad Dog said...

Conratulations Dr. Vedder!

Excellent program yesterday!

Two thumbs up!

Cowboy said...

Great Job Doc!!

What an interesting and fascinating discussion on NPR!

They should have follow up shows.

Cowboy said...

P.S. - I like Max's comment on developing a model that can somehow estimate how long higher education costs can be sustained.

Administrator said...

Dr. Vedder,

I was asked - actually more like "intimidated" to listen to your program and ejoyed it very much.

I have a friend at work. He is probably in his very early 20's. He is a heavy set guy and was born without part of his right foot, but he is such a wonderful and intelligent person.

Because he is hourly and makes very little money relative to the national average for his position and experience/knowledge, we tried to take up a collection to get him into a community college or a four year college. But everyone else is poorly compensated too, we couldn't pull it off. It is such a shame. Therefore, I just wanted to thank you and let you know I think you and CCAP are very much appreciated. And I hope you have another show.

Steganography said...
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