Monday, April 21, 2008

Student Loans In the News

By Andrew Gillen

It's not very often that education issues get so much attention in the news, but spurred by the student loan mess and the looming enrollment decisions, there have been a number of pieces of interest lately:

The Wealth Trajectory: Rewards for the Few

The (Yes) Low Cost of Higher Ed (NYT) DAVID LEONHARDT

Bank of America to Direct Student Loans to Federal Program

Citi Unit Curbs Student Loans (WSJ) KEVIN KINGSBURY

The New Math of College Financing

There have also been a number of interesting blogs:
Why Is College Tuition Subsidized, While K-12 Is Not? Stephen J. Dubner

Student Loans May Be Impacted by the Mortgage Crisis Pete Davis, HT: Brad DeLong

Costs and Benefits in Education Felix Salmon (Note his conclusion.)

I'll be discussing the Davis piece in detail later this week when we officially release A Tuition Bubble? Lessons from the Housing Bubble, available online here.


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