Thursday, August 14, 2008

College Rankings

CCAP has partnered with to create a new ranking of schools and the results have just been released. Their special report America's Best Colleges, has the rankings and methodology.

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David Mazel said...

Yes, competition is good, but the Forbes rankings repeat many of the stupidities of USNWR's rankings. I hate to be harsh, but to put Princeton, Caltech, and the US Air Force Academy on the same list and rank them against each other as 1,2, and 6 is just dumb. It's like listing America's Best Sports Teams and ranking the Lakers ahead of the Packers ahead of the Rockies ahead of the Central Altadena Little League All-Stars. Yes, I know Forbes allows you to sort by type of college, which helps a bit. But why continue to mislead the public by publishing (and accentuating) an overall ranking that just doesn't make sense? It would have been nice if Forbes had competed against USNWR by providing a ranking system that didn't replicate the latter's worst features.