Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Vox Highlights

by Andrew Gillen

Vox EU has a few more higher ed posts.

In Longevity and investment in human capital: Lessons from today's developed countries Moshe Hazan examines the
Conventional wisdom [that] suggests that an increase in life expectancy raises the time period over which investments in schooling can be amortised, thus raising schooling.
In other words, that if you live longer, you’ll benefit more from education since you’ll have more years to exploit your education. This is one of the common reasons cited for the increase in educational attainment over the centuries. It’s certainly plausible. It wouldn’t make much sense to spend 22 years in school if the life expectancy is 35 years, but when the life expectancy is 75, perhaps it does. However, Hazan finds that
despite the gains in life expectancy, lifetime labour supply declined dramatically across cohorts…and that gains in longevity had no effect on the rise in schooling during the 19th and 20th centuries.
In a separate post, Rick van der Ploeg and Reinhilde Veugelers in Towards evidence-based reform of European universities
International rankings indicate that European countries lag in higher education, research, innovation, and growth. This column argues that enhancing competition and governance are the key aspects of potential reform. But the most important recommendation is to invest in more data and analysis to support evidence-based reform.


Cowboy said...

AG - My sidekick sent me your policy paper on the tuition bubble. You did a very good job. As Dr. Vedder has said, and your paper illustrates, the ballooning tuition can not be sustained. The run up in the DJIA had to come to an end too - the only questions were "how?" and "when?". And the day of reconciliation for "higher ed" is coming.

I believe this will be my final comment on this blog. I'm just plain sick of the shallow minded comments that are born out of irrational anger and hatred. I don't think these kool-aid drinking mental midgets have any sense of introspect to realize just how far off the reservation they really are.

capeman said...

A fond farewell, O noble cowgirl. I will take your hint and try harder to acquire a modicum of a "sense of introspect".

capeman said...

Actually, I know that cowgirl has my email address(es). I tried to cover my tracks, but I was too late. I know that he also has my full name, address, and phone number. He'll probably put me on the no-fly list.

And he would be right to do so. I am an ignorant moron with absolutely no class or shame whatsoever. I comment on this website because I have no life - I am a loser and I feel a need to try to bring everyone else down to my level of mentality. Mama says, "stupid is as stupid does." Okay so I'm an idiot. People say that after I was born, my mama filed a malpractice suit for botching an abortion.

So here I am. I'm just an ugly little man full of angst, fear, and I am irrelevant. But if I get someone's attention by being an idiot and posting a moronic comment, I feel relevant again.

I like to play hide the pickle.

cowgirl said...

Hah! I'll bet capeman has learned his lesson now!

capeman said...

cowgirl - your mama is so fat, after sex she smokes a turkey.