Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Job Sara!!!

By Richard Vedder

Just a short blog to note with sadness the departure of Sara Martinez Tucker from the Department of Education.

Sara has it all --class, intelligence, empathy, drive. She has been a positive force in improving higher ed, first at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, then on the Spellings Commission (where we had a common bond --a love of Diet Coke), and now as Under Secretary of Education.

Her proposals to rationalize and simplify federal student aid programs are excellent (probably too timid though, no doubt a bow to political reality). She has battled the Accreditation Cartel and the attempts of universities to disguise what they are doing, or not doing, with the students under their care. She is a hero, right up there with the sainted Loye Young (see my blog about him). Sara is a graduate of a real Texas university, the University of Texas, and I hope she keeps working in higher ed.

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