Monday, April 06, 2009

Links 4/6/09

by Andrew Gillen

Eric Hanushek and Alfred Lindseth discuss their impression of the impact the stimulus package will have on education.
our biggest concern – that the stimulus program simply locks in a set of bad policies.
EconompicData offers a chart showing unemployment by education.

Penelope Trunk offers 8 reasons why going back to school is not a good way to dodge the recession:
1. Grad school pointlessly delays adulthood.
2. PhD programs are pyramid schemes
3. Business school is not going to help 90% of the people who go.
4. Law school is a factory for depressives.
5. The medical school model assumes that health care spending is not a mess.
6. Going to grad school is like going into the military.
7. Most jobs are better than they seem: You can learn from any job.
8. Graduate school forces you to overinvest: It’s too high risk.

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