Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Links for 9/16/09

Did you know that in a lot of U.S. school districts a teacher is more likely to die than lose their job for poor performance? So does that mean that American school systems have the very best human resource selection methods of any field or industry or does it mean that TNTP was really on to something with The Widget Effect?
Robert Zemsky on HE reform:
To put the matter more bluntly, the higher education attainment gap is in fact a preparation gap...
Matthew Yglesias on why alumni shouldn’t give money to Harvard:
If you can’t think of a charitable institution that could use your money more than the already-richest university in the world—one that overwhelming educates the children of prosperous people—then you’re obviously not thinking very hard.
SLA announces Honor Roll of schools with low default rates.

Talk about a disincentive. HT: Economix

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