Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Links for 9/29/09

Chad Aldeman on higher ed advertising:
Does it bother anyone else that car commercials tell us about miles per gallon, horsepower, price, etc, but that we get absolutely nothing about quality or cost in our higher education ads?
Edward Bloom on the lack of clarity regarding higher ed diversity admissions law as a result of Grutter vs. Bollinger:
How much, or how little, serious consideration of race-neutral alternatives must be made is undefined, which has allowed college administrators to operate unrestrained when it comes to their school's race preferences.
Caroline Hoxby on "Poor Students at Rich Colleges":
low-income students who are qualified to attend selective schools (based on their board scores and other measures) have a probability of applying to such schools of just 8 percent. Once they apply, though, they’re likely to get in and receive a generous financial aid package — and once they receive their financial aid packages, they are very likely to enroll. But many such students may be put off by sticker shock.
CollegeScholarships.org has a neat circular chart depicting the student loan process (HT Jennifer Rotman):

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