Monday, October 12, 2009

Links for 10/12/09

Duncan calls ed schools "the Bermuda triangle of higher education."

Jack Stripling
“You’re dealing with a culture that does not care about reducing cost,” says Carol Twigg, NCAT’s president…

“People in higher education believe in what we’re doing, as long as they don’t have to do it.”
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Harriet Zuckerman, Jeffrey A. Groen, and Sharon M. Brucker on restructuring humanities graduate programs.

Drew A. Bennett goes all cookie monster on Harvard:
we don’t spend $500 every meeting on cookies! Maybe it’s time to stop drawing attention to the alleged sacrifice of doing without cookies and ask what’s wrong with a system where some institutions have that much money in the first place. Another example is Princeton University spending $5,000 each on chairs for its new library. Every time I read about something like this I want to shout that a million-dollar gift to an institution like Harvard or Princeton is a drop in the bucket, while the same gift to a two-year, rural college is a tsunami.
I had never giving much weight to the transition issue argument against dropping FFEL. Perhaps I should.

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