Thursday, November 12, 2009

CCAP Working Paper Discussing Administrative Bloat in Higher Education

by Daniel L. Bennett

Last week's release of college president salary data by the Chronicle of Higher Education has caused quite an uproar. The scrutiny of higher education's burgeoning administrative bloat is heating up, as the media, college trustees, students, taxpayers, and even Senator Grassley are astonished by the salary and hiring trends of college officials. According to Grassley:
“The pressure on students and families gets greater all the time. The fact that these salaries are growing right now is out of sync with the reality for most parents and students who are trying to pay for college in the midst of high unemployment and after savings for education were either wiped out or greatly diminished last year due to the stock market falling.”
Because this is a hot topic, CCAP wants to release for comment a working paper on administrative staff in higher ed. A final version of this essay will be included in a volume to be released in the future.

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