Thursday, December 03, 2009

Follow the Loser

by Daniel L. Bennett

Last week, I wrote about Northeastern's University's decision to eliminate its football program. Fellow Colonial Athletic Association member, Hofstra University, today announced that it will follow in NU's footsteps by ending its football program. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Hofstra's average attendance to football games was 500 this past season and it sold a whopping 172 season tickets. The move will save the University $4.5 million annually. A letter for President Stuart Rabinowitz described the decision:
we could not continue to justify the expense of football compared to the benefits it brought to the University

This strategic decision to reallocate resources is based on our academic mission and priorities, and our vision of attaining recognition as one of our nation’s leading universities. Investment in academic initiatives and need-based scholarships is warranted for the long term benefit of our students and the University community.

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