Friday, December 11, 2009

Links for 12/11/09

Ben Miller
Congress has yet again shown that it would rather dish out pork for “purchases of equipment” and things “related to science” than actually help foster competition and innovation.
John Ross
pay-for-performance schemes violate the ethos that attracted [many], to higher education as a profession.
[AG: The apparent alternative, pay-for-nonperformance, is quite a good way of looking at our current funding of higher education – continually higher spending, with few demonstrable benefits to show for it.]

And what would Friday links be without some good laughs?
My desire to attend law school has nothing to do with the fact that I was recently fired from my job as an analyst at an investment bank… Since January, I've … played Spider Solitaire 434 times and updated my Facebook status, on average, five times a day. My 401K is down 45 percent. All three of my roommates — Teddy, Whit, and Dan (The Man) McGregor — have lost their jobs and are moving back home with their parents. (I feel most sorry for Whit, who's from Cleveland)…

I believe that law school is a tool to help me realize my goals, as well as an acceptable way to wait out the recession without having to work in retail.
And a commercial for some sleazy diploma mill. HT: KH

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