Monday, December 14, 2009

Links for 12/14/09

Anya Kamenetz
Since there are no generally accepted measurements of learning in traditional higher education, the proxy for the value of a diploma on the job market is prestige. Rankings like those of U.S. News & World Report depend on reputation; spending per student, including spending on research; and selectivity -- a measure of inputs, not outputs. On all these measures, for-profits come up short.
Bryan Caplan on why online education won’t lead to the demise of the university.
If he were right, then videotape would have put college professors out of business thirty years ago! It's been technologically feasible for all students to learn from superstar teachers for decades…

What do you think when you see that a seemingly capable candidate "went" to the University of Phoenix? Maybe you'll still give him a chance. If you need someone good, however, you'll almost certainly ask yourself, "If he's really so good, why didn't he just go to a regular university? What's his problem? Is he weird, lazy, or what?"…

As long as they do, traditional colleges will not just survive, but thrive, because college attendance will remain a powerful signal that you're not a weirdo or a loser…
Scott Jaschik
Fort Hays State University may have a unique way to use the funds to help with college costs: It is paying students $5 for each credit they earn with a grade of C or higher.
Goldie Blumenstyk
If college didn't help people get jobs, Mr. Carnevale says, society would view a higher education as "about as important as opera and Shakespeare."

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