Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Links for 1/19/10

Bill Henderson
Yet, 50 to 75 other law schools raising tuition in order to buy their way into the Top 15 is a classic positional competition--and it is socially harmful, with our students bearing the cost…
Chad Aldeman
the NEA won’t embrace experiments in proving something effective if that something hasn’t already been proven effective.
David Moltz on the worst excuse ever for not tracking graduation rates: it costs too much to look at our own records to see if someone graduated or not.
Officials from small, tuition-driven colleges criticized a pilot program to gather the graduation rates of athletes from Division III institutions … arguing that they cannot bear the cost of additional data collection.
Phil Kabler HT: Kris Amundson
West Virginia has too many four-year colleges, based on its population and college-graduation rates, a legislative audit released Tuesday concludes.

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