Monday, February 22, 2010

Links for 2/22/10

Lynn O’Shaughnessy
Don’t Borrow More Than $27,000…

If students can’t attend the college of their dreams by borrowing just $27,000, they may want to look at their other college options. Down the road, they will probably be glad they did.
Robin Hanson
the “status” theory that academics are mainly trying to be credentialed as impressive often gives quite different predictions than the theory that academics are mainly trying to be useful to the wider world.
Doug Lederman
as a decade's worth of opinion surveys show, the public believes both that higher education is essential and that colleges raise tuition with relative impunity
Stephen Burd
Pity Sallie Mae, it is so misunderstood. The student loan giant says it has spent millions of dollars on high-priced lobbyists and showered lawmakers with hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions over the last year not to defeat President Obama’s proposal to overhaul the federal student loan system but to enhance it.

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