Monday, May 03, 2010

Links for 5/3/10

Victor M. H. Borden
there is an inherent paradox in the relationship between assessment for accountability and for improvement…

as an undergraduate degree comes to replace the high school diploma as a gateway to even basic levels of sustainable employment, distrust increases in the professional authority of the professoriate. With increasing influence and declining trust, the focal point of professional accountability shifts from members of the profession to the clients and their representatives…
Rick Hess
if those broad structural adjustments aren't delivering, I'm inclined to suspect it's because we haven't gotten them right rather than because somehow K-12 schooling alone among human endeavors is the one place where allowing industrial-era bureaucracy to stifle human ingenuity, talent, and creativity yields optimal outcomes.
Lloyd Armstrong
how did net tuition go up when the discount rate went up and the number of freshmen getting grants went up? Simple. Raise tuition a really large amount.
Michael O'Hare
let’s talk more about learning and less about teaching

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