Monday, June 07, 2010

The Competition Contemplating Changes

by Daniel L. Bennett

CCAP and Forbes entered the college rankings business two years ago and are currently working to release the third annual rankings of America's Best Colleges. The competition and longstanding titan of college rankings, US News and World Reports, is considering changes to its ranking scheme this year. Our friend at USNWR, Bob Morse, posted the possible changes on his blog - Morse Code - and has invited comments from readers.

Morse also mentions several definite changes to the USNWR rankings this year:
U.S. News will publish its second public high school counselor rankings of colleges in our National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges ranking categories.

We will publish new rankings for Up and Coming Schools, Schools that Do the Best Job at Teaching Undergrads, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
Stay tuned for announcements related to the CCAP-Forbes rankings scheme later this summer.

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