Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama and CCAP Agree...on West Point Ranking

by Matthew Denhart

Forbes/CCAP ranked the United States Military Academy tops in the 2009 list of America's Best Colleges. We were pleased to hear that the President of the United States agrees. In his May commencement address at West Point, President Obama had this to say:
It is wonderful to be back at the United States Military Academy--the oldest continuously occupied military post in America--as we commission the
newest officers in the United States Army.

Thank you, Gen. Hagenbeck, for your introduction, on a day that holds special meaning for you and the Dean, Gen. Finnegan. Both of you first came to West Point in the Class of 1971 and went on to inspire soldiers under your command. You've led this Academy to a well-deserved recognition: best college in America. [Applause.]
At CCAP we have a small army currently working full-time preparing the 2010 list. There are a few changes both to the methodology and the list of schools. We believe these will serve students and parents well. Be on the lookout in the coming months for launch of this year's ranking.

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