Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take Away Regulation and Subsidization and What is Left?

by Daniel L. Bennett

Take away government interference in the market for education and what would be left? Our friend George Leef of the Pope Center provides a great illustration of what the market for education might look like in the absence of government subsidization and regulation in a Phi Beta Cons post over at NRO. He believes that we would have a well-functioning market similar to that which exists with music education, in which persons interested in obtaining lessons and those offering them find each other and make private arrangements, without all of the bureaucratic red tape and third party funding.

He continues to describe the mess that music education would become (pretty similar to the current state of higher ed in the US) if we were to introduce regulations and subsidies. In relating this fine example to for-profit education, Leef concludes:
Sure, some for-profit higher ed is a scam. So is a lot of non-profit higher ed. The root of all evil: government money.

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