Thursday, September 09, 2010

CCAP on YouTube: BLS College Data

In this YouTube video, Richard Vedder, Matthew Denhart and Christopher Matgouranis discuss the Bureau of Labor Statistics' data on American colleges and universities.

The BLS data is available here.

Interested viewers can access CCAP's YouTube channel and subscribe here.

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RWW said...

According to the BLS, Persons at work in agriculture and related and in nonagricultural industries by hours of work totals 134,444,000 (All Industries) The number of persons working 40 hours/wk to 60 hrs/wk or more is: 119,218,000 persons. This data is extracted from the totals published of 37.9 Average hours/wk total, and 41.9 Average hours/wk for persons who usually work full time.

Do I use BLS statistics and other information? Yes. Do I believe the value of the data is useful and credible? Yes. But today I got a jolt from the DoL and BLS when they released initial jobless claims. Due to the Labor Day Holiday, nine states were unable to produce their respective initial unemployment claims data - so they "estimated" initial claims  (DC, Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Washington. California and Virginia estimated themselves). Now that is not the BLS's fault, but are they going to rely on the DoL data? I believe the DoL needs to add a caveat when they publish facts versus estimates. And I believe the BLS needs to do the same, lest they undermine their credibility. But then, the cynical side of me wonders if anything coming out of Washington is credible these days.

As I have stated before, I do not believe that higher ed can be separated from K-12 because it is during the K-12 years that the brain/mind of the child is developed the most (IMHO). I do however, understand CCAP's scope. That said, I give you this. I believe it contains some themes that also run through higher ed.