Thursday, September 30, 2010

Education Does (Not) Pay?

by Matthew Denhart and Jonathan Robe

George Leef has come out with his scathing rebuttal to the latest installment of the College Board's "Education Pays" report. The low-down: he agrees with us.

Leef's killer paragraph:
Actually, the report contains data that refute the notion that college is financially beneficial for just about everyone. We read (p.15) that 20 percent of male and 16 percent of female college graduates earn less than the median earnings for high school graduates. What that means is that a substantial percentage of those who go to college spend years of their lives and a lot of money but end up with work that is less remunerative than the typical high school graduate has.
CCAP has also discussed this very issue in a recent YouTube video. Of course, we are not saying that college is not a good decision for some; rather, it is our position that the case for broad, societal subsidization of higher ed for everyone is misguided.

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