Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Links for 11/10/10

Allison Hunter
9. So, let me get this straight. You're turning down an incredibly high paying, relatively stable job [as a lawyer] for an incredibly low paying job [as an assistant literary agent]…

3. So was that whole law school thing a waste, then?
Definitely not. Law school was probably the best three years of my life. I took amazing classes from amazing (and famous!) professors, learned a lot of interesting things with some of the smartest people I'll ever know, and (perhaps most importantly) met some of my closest friends. I'll never regret it.

4. If you had graduated with a ton of debt, would you regret it? Probably.

5. So should I go to law school? No.

6. Didn't you work in publishing before law school? I did.

HT: Her mom
Fred Hargadon, former dean of admissions at Princeton and Stanford, doubts that more and more applicants make for a stronger class. “I couldn’t pick a better class out of 30,000 applicants than out of 15,000,” he says. “I’d just end up rejecting multiples of the same kid.”…

“They want you so they can reject you,”…
Officially, California has always denied that its public universities charge tuition… But the California State University System announced this week that it would admit reality…
Lisa M. Krieger
Time stands still for Stanford University's much-acclaimed sculpture Timetable, a $500,000 clock and fountain… For a while, when it had stopped for good, Timetable became the school's most beautiful and expensive bench…

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