Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quotes I Wish I Had Two Months Ago

by Andrew Gillen

These quotes from this paper by Staci Provezis would have been great to have for our recent study on accreditation.

What is driving the assessment movement in American higher education?... Regional accreditation is among the most important of those forces. Chief academic officers at regionally accredited institutions across the U.S. cite accreditation as the primary reason their institutions assess student learning...

Douglas Bennett, president of Earlham College, said, "If we are going to stand behind accreditation as our quality assurance mechanism, we cannot hide that information; we have to make it available.”...

Each of the regional accreditors… appears to view outcomes assessment as a work-in-progress, treating assessment more as a means to improvement than as a narrowly defined approach to quality control and accountability.

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