Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weathering the Political Storm

by Daniel L. Bennett

Recently, my esteemed CCAP colleague Richard Vedder wrote in the pages of Forbes a very provocative piece entitled An $8 Billion Misunderstanding, in which he chastised the Obama Administration's attack on the for-profit sector. Awhile back, I submitted an article to Career College Central entitled Weathering the Political Storm: History Repeats Itself in the for-profit sector, which is the lead story in the latest issue of CCC. My article offers a similar castigation of the Obama Administration's handling of the sector. In the article, I draw comparisons to the current regulatory manifestations to those experienced in the late 1980's that, although they resulted in the closing of many career schools and reduced the sector's share of federal aid, only temporarily interrupted the growth of the sector. Click here to download and read a pdf of the article (kudos to the CCC team for their usual excellent graphics work). You can also access and read the entire magazine here.

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