Monday, January 24, 2011

Links for 1/24/11

William G. Bowen
a recurring theme is that on more than one occasion I failed to look closely enough at real evidence. I sometimes relied too much on what I assumed to be reality—or feared might be reality. I learned that it was easy to succumb to the temptation to believe what I wanted to believe or to accept at face value assertions made by others. There is simply no substitute for framing questions carefully and then looking with a cold eye at properly organized sets of facts.
Richard Posner
there is no reason to subsidize tuition of persons able and willing to pay it without subsidy...
William Major
On our final day of discussing Walden in my literature course for sophomores, I ask students to get out their BlackBerries and smartphones and lay them on their desks. I then offer the extra credit they've been begging for since day one: They'll get it if they let me keep their phones for five days…

Mike Mandel

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