Thursday, January 06, 2011

Links for 1/6/11

Keith Hampson
anybody above the age of, say, 25, and that holds a college degree should know that quality must ALWAYS be understood in terms of cost. Cost and quality two sides of the concept we call “value”. To discuss one without the other in this context is na├»ve, silly even…

they could grasp it theoretically, and the participating faculty members may have even applied the concepts to a client for whom they consult, but they have never struggled with it in the context of the institution in which they work.

And I understand why this is the case. Many people can spend an entire career in higher education without ever measuring output in relation to input – particularly academics…
Joshua Angrist, Philip Oreopoulos, Tyler Williams
The award scheme offered linear cash incentives for course grades above 70… overall treatment effects were small… We argue that these results fit in with an emerging picture of mostly modest effects for cash award programs of this type at the post-secondary level.
Charlotte Allen
the colleges themselves have already figured out on their own how to lower instruction costs drastically, and have done so quite ruthlessly without trimming their ever-escalating overall costs one whit…
Joanne Jacobs
Community college students in career programs aren’t pondering the meaning of life, but neither are most four-year students, who are piling up a lot of debt for that sociology degree.

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