Tuesday, May 19, 2009

College Board: Taking the "non" out of non-profit?

by Andrew Gillen

This article in Big Money was pretty eye opening, especially the discussion of the economics of the testing industry.

Turns out that in 2006, the College Board had a surplus of 55 million dollars. With that much money, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that
Caperton made $673,757 in 2006... [or that] The College Board has 10 senior vice presidents and 28 vice presidents; senior staff members make an average of $239,374 in compensation. These numbers are presumed to have gone higher since 2006.
HT: Freakonomics


capeman said...

High pay for the CEO? Not at all, if you compare to conservative nonprofits like the Heritage Foundation -- comparable CEO pay with budgets an order of magnitude smaller at those conservative places.

RWW said...

Would you please substantiate your contention? If you can't or won't, your comment is quite irrelevant.

capeman said...

Cowboy, you should be able to look it up yourself. But, many sources e.g. try charitynavigator.com. A wealth of interesting information there. You'll see that I'm absolutely right.

RWW said...

Now that's what I'm am talking about. I'll take a look at it.

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