Friday, June 26, 2009

More on the Wall St. Brain Drain

by Andrew Gillen

Yet another article sees the shift away from finance jobs for bright young grads as a good thing. This one is by Daniel Roth. HT: FS


Mitra said...

Yes, you are right. It's very nice article. From the link article:

"Walking around Wall Street these days is like being trapped inside the videogame Resident Evil." - I think it worse than that, Resident Evil.

"An innovation might strengthen capital markets, but the possibility of that research benefiting another industry—the kind of cross-pollination that turned Velcro from a NASA oddity into a modern staple—is eliminated." - Ouch, that hurting me so bad. get bankruptcy records

Akismet said...

Daniel always know he has to write. From linked article: No one likes to see an industry die, but there is an upside: Often, smart cubicle refugees will seize the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, unleashing waves of innovation upon society. - So it just some kind of evolution and nature selection. penisgröße

Akismet said...

There a lot of think we must reconsidered again. Since, too many time we waste it just like that. Get up and fix the situation. Do not let US become bankrupt just because the industry die. allungamento pene