Monday, July 13, 2009

Uh Oh

by Andrew Gillen

I was enjoying a stress-free Monday afternoon when I read and watched some things by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions at, (HT: SLA) and then went over to Education Sector to get brought up to speed on student borrowing. Now, I am very worried.


capeman said...

Oh yeah hey hey! Go to the Education Sector link. Look at the charts.

Private for profit schools have by far the largest percentage of indebted students and the biggest increases in this percentage!

In contrast, public 4 year colleges have largely leveled off since 1995, despite constant cutbacks in state funding.

The private for-profit colleges that the Doc and his boys love are the ones that are bankrupting the students.

Whereas the public colleges that they so detest are actually accomplishing the goals they claim to stand for!

Anonymous said...

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