Thursday, August 19, 2010

Links for 8/19/10

most faculty and administrators refuse to acknowledge this crisis. Consider what is taking place here in New York City. Rather than learning to live within their means, Columbia University, where I teach, and New York University are engaged in a fierce competition to expand as widely and quickly as possible…

The competition between Columbia and N.Y.U. is an example of what educational institutions should not be doing. Universities should be looking for new ways to provide high-quality education to more students at a lower price…
Arnold Kling
why does the market do such a poor job of policing these predatory education companies? Some possibilities…

3. Education is inherently a market that consumers cannot judge quality, so that it's all about the marketing. This should be a warning to voucher supporters.
Eric Markley
America's colleges and universities have by and large abandoned a coherent, broad-based curriculum.
Michael S. Teitelbaum and Carol B. Lynch
So far, graduates of professional science master's programs are in high demand. Many report receiving multiple job offers, with excellent remuneration, even in these difficult times. Their success demonstrates that there are attractive career paths for undergraduates who choose to major in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields but do not wish to become academic researchers or obtain a Ph.D.

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